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About Jump Rope for Heart

What is Jump Rope for Heart?

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Established in 1983, Jump Rope for Heart is our skipping and fundraising program run in Australian primary schools throughout the year. It encourages kids to have a positive attitude towards exercise, healthy eating and heart health while raising vital funds to fight heart disease.

When is Jump Rope for Heart?

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The program is open all year round. Each school decides when, and how long, they want to run the program – from launch to ‘Jump Off Day’ is typically 5 to 8 weeks.

What is a Jump Off Day?

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Jump Off Day is the last day of your school’s program and a chance for students to show off their new skipping skills. It’s different for every school so your Jump Rope teacher will be able to give you the specific details.

About the Heart Foundation

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Jump Rope for Heart is a Heart Foundation fundraising program. The Heart Foundation supports over 580,000 Australians living with heart disease today, as well as working tirelessly to prevent and manage heart disease for future generations. Our work is purpose-driven, with a focus on stopping Australia’s number one killer: heart disease, which takes 50 lives every day.

We act to make a difference in the fight against heart disease by:

  • Funding high-impact research, supporting emerging and leading heart health researchers
  • Working to improve heart disease prevention, detection, care and support for all Australians
  • Advocating to governments and industry for increased funding and resources for heart health
  • Building community awareness about living a heart-healthy lifestyle. We do this through public health awareness campaigns, accessible information and resources
  • Supporting health professionals in their work to prevent, diagnose, treat and manage heart disease.


When should my child be fundraising?

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As soon as the school starts the program, you need to create an online fundraising page! You can start fundraising by sharing the link to your fundraising page with friends and family, and via social media. You can raise funds until the Jump Off Day.


How do I make cash donations?

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If you or a sponsor would like to make a cash donation you can simply process a cash donation to become an ‘online’ donation via your child’s dashboard. To do this, follow the instructions below:

  1. Log in
  2. Select which child you would like to add the donation to and select ‘My donations’.
  3. The cash donation function will ask for your bank account details so you can keep a hold of the cash.
  4. When making the donation you will have the option to add the donors name so their name will show up on the fundraising page instead of yours.
  5. If you would like to keep the donor anonymous then please add this to the ‘Name to appear on page’ field.
  6. If you untick ‘Display on page’ the donation won’t show on the page but the fundraising amount will increase.  

Has fundraising finished yet?

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Fundraising closes after your school has submitted their prize order. Usually, this will happen two weeks after your Jump Off Day.

Donations aren’t showing up on my child’s page?

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When transferring or processing cash donations that you receive please make sure ‘Display on my page’ is ticked. If the donation was made straight to the fundraising page please make sure the donation went through. If you still have any issues, please contact our team.

How can I see who made anonymous donations?

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Anonymous donations have requested to stay private, so this information is not available.

How do I delete my child’s page?

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All student pages will be closed after the school has submitted their prize order, this is usually up to two weeks after your Jump Off Day. If you wish to delete the page before this, please contact our team.

I’m not on Facebook. How do I share my child’s page?

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There are many ways you can share your child’s page, Facebook is just one of the options. Other options include Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, SMS or Email. To access these options select ‘Get support’ in your child’s dashboard. In here you can send emails directly with our template message. 

I put the wrong name on my receipt. How do I get a new one?

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Please contact our team to help you change the name and issue a new receipt.

My school isn’t showing up on the dropdown list?

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Only registered schools will appear on the dropdown. If your school is registered but you still can’t find them, please contact our team.

My child’s school has finished the program but I have received extra donations. Where do I send them?

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My child’s fundraising page is no longer available, how do I view their results?

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After your school completes their program and submits the prize order all student pages are closed. Shortly after you will receive an email with a link to their personal certificate which celebrates all their achievements and shows all their donation messages. If you lose this link, please contact our team and we can provide this link to you.

I can’t log in with my email or password?

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If you have forgotten your password, please click ‘Forgotten your password’ and follow the prompts in the login section.

If you have forgotten the email address you have used please contact our team.

If your school has completed their program, your child’s page would have been closed and you will no longer be able to sign in. 

How do I reset my fundraising page password

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To reset your password

  1. Click 'login' on the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  2. On this page select 'parent' and then click 'Forgotten your password?'
  3. Continue following the prompts to reset your password

Logging your skips

Why should I log skips?

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Logging skips on your online fundraising page is a great way to track your child’s achievements and to share their efforts with anyone who visits their page. The more skipping minutes they log, the more badges they can earn! Your child’s skips are automatically added to their school's skipping minutes.

How do I log skips?

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Once logged in to your child’s page, you will see menu bar with icons. Click the skipping heart icon called “My Skips”. Then, select the date and enter the minutes you skipped. Once you enter your skips, click 'Save Changes' and your skips will then be added to your page!

Thank you prizes

Does my child receive anything for taking part?

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All registered and participating children receive both a digital and physical certificate of appreciation.

If they raise $35 or more, they’re eligible to receive a Thank You Prize. You can read more about our prizes here.

When will my child receive their prize?

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Prizes are distributed once your Jump Rope for Heart teacher has completed the program and returned any offline funds to the Heart Foundation. The prizes can take 2-5 weeks to arrive at the school. If you are concerned, please check with the teacher at your school who is running Jump Rope for Heart.

How do I collect prizes for my child?

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Prizes will be distributed by your Jump Rope for Heart teacher once they arrive at your school. Please contact your teacher if you have any concerns about your prize.

Does my child receive prizes from every level?

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No, as your child raises more funds they will unlock a more valuable prize. They will only receive the prize from the highest level they make it up to with donations.

Can my child receive a prize lower instead of the prize level reached?

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Yes, there is an option in the teacher portal to select a prize from a lower level. Please talk to your teacher to arrange for this to happen.

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