Raise vital funds, get your school skipping and have fun.

Jump Rope for Heart helps your students get the exercise they need and raise money to save Aussie hearts.

Being active is one of the most important ways that children can improve their health and wellbeing. Did you know two in three primary school students don’t meet the Australian Physical Activity Guidelines?

That’s where Jump Rope for Heart can help your school.

The program can help primary schools meet the mandatory weekly requirements for student participation in sport and physical activity, and encourages students to build a positive attitude towards exercise, healthy eating and heart health.

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How to get involved

Jump Rope for Heart can fit anywhere in your school’s schedule. A typical program is run for 5-8 weeks and includes a school-wide launch and weekly skipping sessions. Students log their skipping progress and seek donations on our secure, online portal. Skipping at home accelerates their skill development, which they can show off at the Jump Off Day celebration.

Register your school

If you are a teacher, register your school.

Students sign up

They record their skipping, unlock badges and skipping videos.

Raise funds

Encourage the school community to help save Aussie hearts.


Enjoy your school’s Jump Off Day.

A jump rope birthday wish

This year, we’re celebrating 40 years and we have an audacious birthday wish: to see our student Heart Heroes clock up 40,000 hours of skipping across the country. Will you help us reach our goal?

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New Lesson Plans 

We have partnered with Cool Australia to create 24 new curriculum aligned lesson plans from Foundation to Year 6.

The lesson plans are entirely exclusive to schools participating in Jump Rope for Heart. 

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How your donations can help

Over the last 40 years, our student Heart Heroes have skipped their way to $108 million in donations. These funds help support innovative heart research and programs that are transforming Australian lives.

Teacher Experience 

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