Coordinators of the year 2021

19 Dec 2021

What a year 2021 was! It saw our school coordinators run the Jump Rope for Heart program in varied learning environments all around Australia and achieve fantastic results.  
Each year, our Field Officers nominate the school coordinators who went the extra mile to make their Jump Rope for Heart program a resounding success.

Well done and thank you to all our standout 2021 Heart Heroes!

Emily Mooney-Doe, Seacliff Primary School NSW 
Emily’s commitment to fundraising knew no bounds in 2021. She went above and beyond for her students to give them the best experience possible. Emily provided her students with big screen updates during her lessons, helping her students improve their skills and become Heart Heroes by the end of the program. 


Tyson Greenwood, Trinity College North School SA  
Tyson’s energy, enthusiasm and proactive communication saw him successfully rally together the Trinity College community to support the Jump Rope for Heart program in 2021. His motivational leadership saw the school become one of the top 3 highest fundraising schools across the country! 


Michele Mizzi, St Catherine of Siena Catholic Primary School NSW 

Michelle’s determination is awe-inspiring. She pulled together an extremely successful program, despite a difficult learning environment. She independently created fantastic resources that have now been shared with schools all around Australia. Her skipping workshops and social media updates helped St Catherine of Sienna smash their fundraising goal! 


Catherine Zalloua, St Charbels College NSW 
In 2021 Catherine went above and beyond. Her regular communication with the St Charbels community saw them achieve a record fundraising total for the school! Her staff donation initiative, mentorship of one of the nation’s highest individual fundraisers and showstopping Jump Off Day all make her program one of the most memorable from 2021. 


Bernadette Dilley, Cooranbong Community School NSW 

Bernadette’s dedication and enthusiasm for Jump Rope for Heart has shown that you truly can run the program in any learning environment. Whilst ‘learning from home’ she successfully engaged students and parents alike to lead Cooranbong Community School and achieve their best fundraising total ever! 


Robyn Carroll, Inaburra School NSW 

2021 saw Robyn run the Jump Rope for Heart program for the first time, and what a debut it was! Robyn's fantastic communication and engagement with the program made her a pleasure to work with. She took all resources on board to make sure her students experienced everything the program has to offer.  


Emma Burnham, Ballarat Grammar Junior School VIC 

Emma is a Jump Rope for Heart expert! She is dedicated to making each program great and once again created amazing experiences for her students in 2021.  Her strong digital skill set ensured all online portal elements were integrated seamlessly – resulting in fantastic fundraising results.