Need to keep students motivated through lockdown?

22 Jul 2021

As we move in and out of lockdown and learning from home, keeping students active and motivated can be a challenge.

Regardless of whether students are learning from home or not, Jump Rope for Heart is a great way to keep your students moving and help your school meet the mandated physical activity each week. Here are our top tips when implementing the program from home:

Get parents on board and ensure there’s a safe space for skipping at home.

Before your students start skipping, ensure parents and guardians know to make a safe space at home to practice.

Work with the equipment students already have at home.

Skipping shouldn’t be overcomplicated. Students can jump without a rope and still get the same benefits from moving.

Include warm up exercises at the start of each day.

Get your students ready for skipping with some simple warm-up exercises. 

Include skipping as a break between classes.

This could be a great way to get your students ready for their day of learning from home, or as a break to re-energise them between subjects.

Use your Jump Rope for Heart resources

As a registered school, you’ll have access to a variety of resources including lesson plans, skipping videos, newsletter templates to make the program easier for you to run.

Encourage students to log their skipping minutes.

When participating, encourage your students to log their skipping minutes each day on their fundraising page. Students can mark off new tricks they have mastered in their skipping passport, and share videos with family and friends via their page. 

“The Covid restrictions meant I needed to find something meaningful for my students to do at school and at home. The Jump Rope for Heart program and online platform was the perfect fit.”

- Ian Allan from King Island District High School in Tasmania

Run Jump Rope for Heart your way

The new Basic Five Week Program is entirely flexible and requires minimal equipment for students to participate at home, or at school. When you sign up to run the program, you’ll get access to a range of resources to help run the program your way:

  • Resources that you can easily share with students.
  • An updated launch video to show your students what Jump Rope for Heart is all about.
  • New skipping challenge videos to help keep students active at home.
  • New templates and social media images to help update colleagues and parents.
  • Updated resources to incorporate in your lessons.
  • 24 lesson plans covering Physical Education, Math, Science, English, and the Humanities.
  • Plus, all skipping skills videos are available to keep your students busy learning the best skipping tricks, taking them from beginner to advanced.

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