St George Skippers steal the show at the Coastrek Sydney launch event with their dazzling skipping skills!

27 Mar 2023

Jump Rope for Heart has been an annual event for over 10 years at St George Christian School, and it has become a significant part of the school's culture. Every year, the school's demonstration team showcases a variety of skipping tricks, individual and group tricks, to promote the benefits of this fun and engaging physical activity to their peers.

Jump Rope for Heart turns kids into Heart Heroes! This primary school skipping and fundraising challenge inspires kids to skip and raise funds to save Aussie hearts. St George Christian School recognises the importance of keeping fit and healthy, and that's why they work collaboratively with the Heart Foundation to encourage their students to engage in physical activity regularly.  


But wait, there's more! The school's demonstration team not only performs at the school's event, but they also hit the road annually to promote Jump Rope for Heart to school students in regional NSW. Now, that's what we call dedication! It's great to see these students using their skills and passion to inspire others to lead a healthy lifestyle. And did we mention that representatives from the school have competed in Skipping Championships at state, national, and international levels? That's right! These Heart Heros are not just skipping around; they mean business! 

Girls skipping on pavement

Jump Rope for Heart at St George Christian School is an excellent example of a school-wide initiative that promotes physical activity, encourages teamwork, and raises awareness about heart health. The school's commitment to this program has enabled their students to develop their physical and social skills, and it has helped them to become ambassadors for physical activity in their local and wider communities. This included at the recent Coastrek Sydney launch event. 


Under the new partnership with the Heart Foundation, funds raised by Coastrekkers will help improve heart health outcomes for women, build female leadership in vital heart research, help end rheumatic heart disease in Australia, and kick start children’s love for a healthy physical lifestyle through the Jump Rope for Heart program in Australian schools. 


A big round of applause to the St George Skippers at St George Christian School for their incredible performance and promotion of Jump Rope for Heart at the Coastrek event in Sydney! Their skills and dedication were on full display, and they truly did justice to the spirit of this fantastic program.