St Luke's Anglician School raises $100K

20 Oct 2023

St. Luke’s Anglican School in Bundaberg has achieved a remarkable feat by rejoining the Jump Rope for Heart program after a two-decade hiatus. With 300 enthusiastic students, they raised an impressive $17,000 in their first year and are now in their fifth consecutive year, boasting impressive statistics.  

  • 500 students 
  • 193 registered online! 
  • 88 actively fundraising! 
  • Over 437 hours logged.

Let's applaud the dedication of the St Luke's staff, and supporters. Their ongoing commitment showcases the power of unity in achieving extraordinary goals. Cheers to their continued success with the $100,000 milestone on the horizon! Keep skipping, St Luke's! 

JRFH kids skipping
Kids smiling