The trick to skipping success

07 Jun 2023

Read our interview with Sarah J from SCEGGS Darlinghurst on how she brought Jump Rope for Heart back to her school after a 22-year absence

This term, we interviewed Sarah J from SCEGGS Darlinghurst on her recent success running Jump Rope for Heart and she’s got some tips for you. 

Sarah and her school community had huge success running Jump Rope for Heart. Her students skipped over 195 hours and raised an incredible $23,574 to help save Australian hearts! 

Sarah made the decision to bring Jump Rope for Heart back to SCEGGS Darlinghurst because of the fond memories she, and some of her colleagues, had of doing JRFH when they in primary school.  

She used the school’s ‘house families’ program as the vehicle to get Jump Rope for Heart up and running and got her Year 6 leaders take charge and help to roll activities out across the school. 

‘Our Term 1 focus across the school families was around wellbeing and getting active so Jump Rope for Heart was the perfect fit’. 

Sarah said running the program was a positive experience, made even better by the extra support from the Jump Rope for Heart Field Officers. ‘The students really embraced the program; they were so excited right from the initial launch when Jason and Nina visited the school demonstrating skills and telling the kids how they can earn prizes’. 

The program brought more physical activity to the school and in new ways. Sarah noticed that students were being more voluntarily being active after the program. Some students have more of a tendency to sit down and chat in play time, but now they have their own skipping equipment, they are still doing that after the program. Enjoying a skip at recess or lunch time. 

But Jump Rope for Heart was not only a really enjoyable way to get more physical activity but it was also a great way to work together as a community to see the difference you can make – everyone feels like they are contributing! 

Sarah had some thoughts for other teachers who may be considering bringing Jump Rope for Heart to their school. With her number 1 tip being not to waste time, and just get involved! 

  • Sign up as Program Coordinator as it doesn’t take much effort with the help of the Field Officers. 
  • Involve your students as much as you can, the program is a great opportunity for student voice. 
  • Get connected with your PDHPE team to get them out on the launch day was great, make it a community event! 
  • Share regular feedback with the students through assemblies and newsletters, and utilise the great tools on the teacher portal. 

And if Sarah was to describe her Jump Rope for Heart experience in 3 words? ‘Active, Connection and Happiness!’ 

Jump Rope is the perfect way to bring your school community together, get your students active and be part of our journey to save Australian hearts. 

Sign your school up below or reach out to one of our Field Officers to find out more.