Woy Woy South Public School has raised almost $5000 through its Jump Rope for Heart Program

09 Oct 2023

Author: Peninsula News

With 78 students registered, and 52 hours of skipping logged, a total of $4951.21 was raised for the Heart Foundation.

"We are so proud of you all for skipping and promoting heart-healthy habits, raising money, and supporting the program," said principal Mr Matt Barr. "Our Jump-Off Day was a huge success."

"It was so nice to see families getting involved, either by joining in and skipping with their children or supporting their children from the sideline.

"Every year, hundreds of thousands of Australians struggle with the pain and discomfort of heart disease.

"Most of us know someone who is impacted."

"The Heart Foundation supports Australians living with heart disease and works to educate people and fund research to better prevent and manage heart disease into the future."

Source: http://peninsula.news/2023/1003/default.aspx?item=Skipping